Tungsten Dart Arrows

Tungsten darts or barrels also known as tungsten dart arrows,are slender, pointed missiles, often having tail fins, thrown by hand, shot from a blowgun, or expelled by an exploding bomb. A complete set of darts for one person is comprised of three darts. There are three main types of barrels available and four main shapes in each - straight, center-weight, torpedo and bomb.

Brass Darts
These are the most common and least inexpensive darts in the market. The points are also thicker, are more likely to cause damage to the dart board in the long term.

Nickel/silver Barrels
These darts are similar to the brass darts, with the exception that they are harder and more durable than the latter. There is actually no silver content in these darts, but rather it is actually a nickel/tin alloy

Tungsten Barrels
These are more popular with long term darts players. Tungsten is a dense metal, and is actually heavier than lead. It is highly durable, and tends to resist wear well, and as a result the machined grip lasts longer than others.

Copper-Tungsten darts
There are also a small number of Copper-Tungsten darts available.