Battle Ship Dart Rule

This game is a little complicated but alot of fun. It may be played with two players or teams. A pad and pen/pencil is required in addition to the scoreboard.

The Object of Battle Ship Dart Rule
To sink all your opponent's ships before yours are sunk.

The Scoring of Battle Ship Dart Rule
Players throw one dart each at bullseye, closest to the bullseye goes first.
The scoreboard is divided into two columns with a vertical line down the middle. Players names are written in order across the top of the board.

Four "ships" are drawn in each players column with one number in each: 2, 3, 4, 5. Each number represents how many positions on the board the ship occupies and also indicates the number of hits required to sink it.

The Play of Battle Ship Dart Rule
Before the play begins, players must "hide" their ships by placing them on the board. Players write on a slip of paper the placement of each ship and do not disclose their placements to the opponents.

All five ships must be placed on the board and may not cross each other or be placed on top of each other. All ships must be places in sequential segments of the board and may not ever be broken up.

Ships may be oriented either "circularlly" or "radially". To place a ship in a circular manner means that it's segments span numbers in the same ring of the board. The rings are the thin outer "double" ring, the large single wedge, the thin inner triple ring and the small single wedge. Bullseyes may not be used in circular placement. An example of circular placement would be to have your 3-segment ship across triple-20, triple-1 and triple-18 or small-11, small-8 and small 16.

Radial placement of a ship means placing the ship along the segments of one number like a spoke in a bicycle wheel. The bullseye may be used in radial placement along with any number. But remember that two or more ships may not share the same the same segment, so the bullseye may only be used for one ship. The bullseye is also counted as a single segment, no differentiation is made between the inner and outer bullseyes. An example of radial placement would be to have your 3-segment ship across triple-19, small-19 and bull another would be triple-6, large-6 and double-6.

Once both players ships have been hidden and written down on their slip of paper, play begins. Players take turns trying to locate and sink the other player's ships. This is done by randomly hitting segments of the board until a hit is scored. Each time a player throws a dart, the opponent must say "HIT" or "MISS" to indicate if the dart struck a section of any ship. No information is given as to which ship or how it is oriented should be given.

Once the initial hit is made, you must test all the segments surrounding the hit to try and determine the orientation of the ship and hit all of them. When all the segments of a ship have been hit, the player whose ship it is must announce "SUNK" and cross out the ship which was sunk on their side of the scoreboard.

When you have sunk all your opponents ships, you have won the game.

Strategy of Battle Ship Dart Rule
All your favorite strategies from the classic board game apply. If you have never played the board game, you have definately wasted your childhood.