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As well as being a professional competitive activity, darts is a traditional pub game, commonly played in the United Kingdom (the first country to officially recognize darts as a sport), across the Commonwealth, the Netherlands, Ireland , the Scandinavian countries, the United States, Canada and elsewhere.

Darts, a game that truly anyone, of any size, age, gender and level of drunkenness can compete on even terms--the perfect pub sport. In fact, you will find a dart board in the darkest corner of most pubs in Britain.

Step 1

Ask the barman for a set of his best darts.

Step 2

Make sure you get your eye in and have a few practice throws.

Step 3

Understand the basic rules. When throwing a dart you need to stand behind the dart line, which is about 5 foot from the board. Each player has three throws before its the next players turn.

Step 4

Know how to score. A dartboard is divided into twenty numbers (1 to 20) with a bullseye in the center. So if you hit a 1 you get 1 point. However, the area on the outside of the number is worth double the number of points and the area inside the number is worth triple. The bullseye is worth 50 and the area around the bullseye is worth 25. The highest score available is 180, which is three triple 20s.

Step 5

Play 01. This is the most popular darts game played in pubs. Both players start either from 301 or 501 and the winner is the first person to work their way back to 0. Sound easy? Well, the catch is you have to finish on a double. For example if you need 4 to win you should be aiming for double 2. If you hit a score higher than that score, for example a 5, it's end of go.

Step 6

Play around the clock. In this pub game each player has hit each number in ascending order, from 1 to 20, and then finally the bullseye. The winner is whoever finishes first.

Step 7

Play killer. This game is a bit more rowdy and great fun when played in large groups. Basically each player starts off by throwing one dart and the number they hit is their number for the game. The idea is then to hit your number five times to give yourself five lives, turning you into a killer. When you are a killer, you can then go for the other player's numbers, losing them a life every time you hit it.