100 Tungsten Darts

Chinatungsten has been manufacturing and offering 100 tungsten darts for more than 20 years. We have various types 100 tungsten darts with whole sets equipments, including tungsten dart billet, tungsten dart barrel, dart shaft, dart flight and dartboard.

When you buying tungsten darts, you should take notice to tungsten percentage for tungsten dart billet.
Today, we could find some 100 tungsten percentage darts on the mark, however,100 tungsten darts is no available as themanufacturing technical is very difficult for tungsten alloy material. For 100 percentage tungsten is pure tungsten, the darts made of 100% tungsten would be crispy easily. So be noted that tungsten darts are not 100% tungsten but just a 100% qualified Tungsten/ Nickel alloy.

All "tungsten" darts you can buy are in fact made of tungsten alloy, the bigger the percentage of tungsten, the denser it would be, and generally the more expensive the dart is. An 80% tungsten dart would have 20% Nickel in it. These darts can range anywhere from 70% to 95%.

The majority of dart players find that the 80% tungsten darts are a great choice for them in both soft tip and steel tip varieties. If you like a heavier darts, you could choose 90 tungsten darts,or 95 tungsten darts. Chinatungsten could offer 100 qualified tungsten dart.