Mulligan Dart Rule

Mulligan dart rule is a very difficult game with very simple rules. Generally it is a game played by very good players only. It may be played by any number of players.

The Object: To "close" six random numbers and the bullseye before your opponents.
The Scoring: The players names are written across the top of the board in playing order. Playing order is usually determined by throwing one dart each at bullseye, and the closest plays first.

"Closing" a number means hitting three of that number. In the case of this game only the triples ring (the thin inner ring) counts in this game except for the bullseye round. Each triple counts as one towards closing the number. Therefore three triples of each number and three bullseyes must be hit to win the game.

Six random numbers are chosen from the board as the targets. The random numbers may be chosen by throwing darts left handed at the board or just called out. These numbers are written down the left hand side of the board and a "B" for bullseye below them.

A score of one is indicated by writing a slash ("/") next to the number, a score of two by writing an X and a score of three by writing a circle ("O") to show it is closed.

The Play of Mulligan Dart Rule
The first player throws darts at the triple of the first number on the list. No other numbers count until the first number is closed.Play continues alternating players until someone has closed all six numbers and the bullseye in order.

Strategy of Mulligan Dart Rule
Practice and be a pretty good player before attempting this game. If you don't plan for a very late night.