Double Down Dart Rule

Double Down is an easy and enjoyable game that may be played with any number of people or teams. It is also a very quick moving game that may be played in about 10 minutes (unless there are a lot of players).

The Object of Double Down Dart Rule
The object is to get the highest score by hitting specific targets on the board.

The Scoring of Double Down Dart Rule
The players names are written in order across the top of the board. Playing order is usually determined by a throw at bullseye. Each player (or one player from each team) throws one dart at bullseye. Closest to the bullseye goes first.

The target numbers for the game are written down the center of the board in the following order: 15, 16, D, 17, 18, T, 19, 20, B. The "D" stands for doubles (the thin outer ring which counts as twice the number hit) and the player may score any double he/she wishes. The "T" stands for triple (the thin inner ring which counts as three times the number scored) and the player may score on any triple he/she wishes. The "B" stands for bullseye (the cork or the center of the board) which scores 25 points for the outer bullseye or 50 points for the inner (double) bullseye.

A score of 40 is placed below each player's or team's name to indicate the starting score. A running total of the score is kept in a column below each player or teams name.

The Play of Double Down Dart Rule
Players take turns in order throwing three darts at the current target number starting with 15. Only the current target number counts in that particular round and only one round of three darts is used for each target number. After each player/team has thrown three darts at 15, the next time around they throw at 16, then doubles, etc. After one round has been thrown at each number by each player/team, the game is over and whoever has the highest score wins.

After each player has thrown three darts at a target number, the total of those darts is added to the players current score. Under double down rules, only the current target number counts, all other darts count as zero. For example in the first round, a player throws for 15 and hits two 15's and one 17. The two 15's are added for a total of 30 which is then added to the beginning score of 40. The player's new total score is now 70. The 17 does not count because it was not the current target number.

Under double down rules, if the player misses the target number with all three darts, no points are scored that round and the player's previous score is cut in half. For example, the player in the previous example now aims at 16 in the second round and misses all three. The player's previous score was 70 which is halved and that player now has a score of 35. Any scores that are halved to leave a .5 (1/2) are rounded UP to the next number.

Strategy of Double Down Dart Rule
There really is no strategy, just take your time and be sure not to miss all three darts.