Bullseye Baseball Dart Rule

Baseball is a difficult yet fun game that may be played by as many players or teams as wish to play. It is the same game as regular Baseball with a twist to make it more challenging.

The Object of Bullseye Baseball Dart Rule
The object is simple: score the most amount of runs each inning, the highest score at the end of the game wins.

The Scoring of Bullseye Baseball Dart Rule
The numbers 1 through 9 are written in ascending order on the left side of the scoreboard. All players names are written in batting order across the top (batting order may be determined any way, usually one dart each at bullseye with the closest throwing first and the furthest last). A grid may be drawn around the numbers and the names for easier reading.

The Play of Bullseye Baseball Dart Rule
Each player in order throws three darts at the number of the current inning but must hit a bullseye each inning before any runs may be scored that inning. If no bullseye is hit, the score for the inning is zero. The target is 1's in the first inning, 2's in the second, etc. Each number only counts in the that actual inning. For example, if a 4 is hit in the first inning, it does not count. The thin outer "double" ring counts as two runs, the thin inner "triple" ring counts as three runs with the other sections of that number counting as one run. If more than one bullseye is hit the score is multiplied by the number of bullseye's hit. Therefore, the highest attainable score in any one inning is twelve (Double-Bullseye, Triple-x, Triple-x {where x is the number of the inning} would score 6 for the two triples time 2 bullseyes).

The number of runs scored is NOT multiplied by the inning number. For example, in the second inning, a bullseye and two single 2's are hit; that players score would be two for that inning.

Usually a running total is kept with the current inning's score being added to the current total. This way, players can see how far ahead or behind they are and saves alot of time not having to add all nine innings at the end of the game.

If there is a tie at the end of the ninth inning, extra innings are played with bullseyes as the target. Extra innings continue until after all players have thrown for that inning and no tie exists.

Strategy of Bullseye Baseball Dart Rule
Try to score alot of runs.