Soccer Dart Rule

This is a game for two players or teams only. It is a very difficult game but is great practice because only bullseyes and doubles count.

The Object Soccer Dart Rule
To be the first player to score ten "goals".

The Scoring of Soccer Dart Rule
No scoring is needed if you can simply remember each players points from one to ten.

The Play of Soccer Dart Rule
One player from each team throws one dart at bullseye, closest to the bullseye goes first.

In order to score a "goal", the players first must "take possesion of the ball". To take possesion, you must hit a bullseye (either a single or a double, it does not matter). Once you have possesion, you keep the ball until the other player/team takes possesion by hitting a bullseye.

Under soccer rules, only the player/team that has possesion of the ball may score goals. Under soccer rules, to score a goal you must hit any double on the board. The doubles are the thin outer ring and the inner-bullseye. Any double you hit anywhere on the board counts as one goal and scores one point for you or your team.