Slider Dart Rule

This is a very easy game, but good practice because it uses the whole board. It is also a very fast moving game and can usually be finished in under 10 minutes. Any number of players can play. Handicapping can be done by limiting the target area of stronger players.

The Object of Slider Dart Rule
To hit every number on the board IN ORDER from 10 through 20 with one dart and finish before the other players.

The Scoring of Slider Dart Rule
Scoring is not needed in this game as long as everyone can remember what number they are up to and what order they shoot.

The Play of Slider Dart Rule
The first player tries to shoot first at 10, when a 10 is hit, play moves on to 11 and so on until all three darts are thrown. The next player then does the same thing, and so on. Remember only the number that the player is shooting for counts and all the numbers must be shot in order.

If the player misses the target number with all three darts, the player "slides" back a number for the next turn. For example, if the player is throwing at 15 and misses with all three darts, the next time that player throws, the target number will be 14.

The first player to hit the 20 wins.

Strategy of Slider Dart Rule
There isn't any.