High/Low Dart Rule

These are actually two mostly identical games: High and Low. Most people I have played with find Low to be the more fun version. These are games that can be played with any number of players, including an odd number. The more people that play, the more fun they are.

The Object of High/Low Dart Rule
To be the only person in the game with any lives left.

The Scoring of High/Low Dart Rule
Names are written in any order down the left side of the scoreboard. Usually a throw of one dart each sets the playing order with closet to the bulls-eye throwing first. After the first game, play order is played with whoever lost first plays first on down to the winner playing last. Three tally marks are placed next to each name to indicate the number of lives left and High or Low is written on the top to indicate the version being played.

The Play of High/Low Dart Rule
First, I'm going to explain High because it is simpler than Low. The first player throws two darts SIMULTANEOUSLY to set a starting number. The first player has no chance to lose a life and therefore is handicapped from hitting a really good score to put the next player at a higher risk. The sum of the two darts is written on the board, this is the target number for the next player.

The next player throws three darts in the traditional manner trying to score a higher total than the previous player. Remember that higher means higher, ties to the number DO NOT count unless the score is over 100 points.

If a player has scored higher than the previous player, no life is lost. If the score was not higher the player erases one life. Either way, that player's score is the new score for the next player to beat. The old score is erased or crossed out and the new score written on the board.

Play continues until only one player has any lives left and he/she wins.

Now let's talk about Low. Low is played exactly like High except that you must score LOWER than the previous player's score to not lose a life. "Easy, I'll just throw all three darts off the board!" WRONG. Any darts that miss or fall out of the board count as 25 points!

Another twist to this game is that if you hit a bulls-eye, 25 points are SUBTRACTED from your score! So, if you mange to somehow hit three double bullsesyes, your score would be -150 (negative one-hundred-fifty)!

Pretty interesting, huh? If you've played x01 before, you'll be absolutely astounded by how many triple-20's you'll hit while aiming for the fat single-1!! Just remember, Murphy was an optomist.

Strategy of High/Low Dart Rule
These games really don't have much strategy. When I play Low, I always like to throw the first dart at bull in hopes of starting my total with -25 or -50. If I miss, I just try to lob two fat single-1's.