Blind Killers Dart Rule

Blind killer rules is a really fun game designed to be played with 3 or more people. The more people playing the more fun it is. It is a great game to play when there are an odd number of people and everyone wants to play darts. This is also an EXCELLENT way to practice your out's for x01. This particular game is a game of memory, trust, honesty and luck, it is not a game to be played with strangers at the pub late at night (or for money).

The Object: To win Blind Killers you must simply be the last person on the scoreboard with a life left.

The Scoring of Blind Killer Dart Rule
The names are place down the left side of the score board in any order. Generally, after the first game is played, the player who was knocked out first gets to throw first in the next game. Under blind killer rules, for the first game, I usually do a closest to the bullseye with one dart each. Next to each name, three tally marks are placed to indicate the number of lives each player has left.

The Play of Blind Killer Dart Rule
Play is identical to that of regular Killers except that no one knows what the other players numbers are! Please be sure to read the rules for killers before continuing with this game.

The numbers 1 through 20 are written on slips of paper and placed in a hat. Each player takes a slip of paper and remembers the number on it. That number is that players number for the duration of the game. Under blind killer rules, it is not neccesary to throw your own double to become a killer you'd only give away your number if you did.

This game obviously relies on honesty and memory. The player's must remember there number and watch carefully for other people to hit it. They must also remember how many lives they have left and step down when the third life is taken.

Variations of this game can be played to adjust to the players' level in blind killer rules. You could use all triples for stronger players or require a double bull to become a killer. For weaker players, use the thin inner wedge of the number. On occassion, I have had several average players and one "I never picked up a dart before" kind of person (notice they always seem to win) want to play. So what I do is set that the "new player" only has to hit the thin or thick single wedge to become a killer or kill while the rest of us have to hit doubles. With all the combinations available it's easy to balance the play to be fun for everyone.

Strategy of Blind Killer Dart Rule
There is no strategy, this is a game of luck. The only hint is to try to watch your opponents faces and body language when you hit or get real close to a double, there might be the slightest reaction that can clue you if that number is owned.