Tungsten Copper Dart

What is Tungsten Copper Dart?
Tungsten copper dart is also called copper tungsten dart, and the short form should be WCu dart, CuW dart. The composition is usually tungsten powder and copper powder, and tungsten content rages from 60%W to 80%W, also some is made of 90%WCu, but is depends on the requirement and application. As for the its appearance, it looks like the color brass, which is because of the tungsten content generally with about 70%~80%.

Tungsten Copper Dart Composite with Tungsten Heavy Alloy Dart
However, nowadays, the standard and popular material for dart is tungsten heavy alloy material. Tungsten heavy alloy is one kind of high density material, and also it has much better machining ability than tungsten copper material. Compared with the size, if has the same weight, tungsten heavy alloy dart will be much smaller than tungsten copper dart, as its high density but small capacity. That means darts made of tungsten heavy alloy could be made quite slim, and it will be easier to grips, and also will be good for a high score. Therefore, more and more players choose tungsten heavy alloy material for their favorite darts.

Chinatungsten Could Offer Tungsten Copper Dart
Chinatungsten specialize in manufacturing and offering tungsten related darts for more than 20 years, and could offer tungsten copper dart for your research. But the size, dimension, quantity could be informed, and also Chinatungsten suggest you should choose tungsten heavy alloy dart for your dart games.