Fox Hunt Dart Rule

This is a challenging and sometimes frustrating game. It is best enjoyed by 2 players of equal skill (preferably intermediate to advanced).

The Object of Fox Hunt Dart Rule
The object of the "fox" is to get back to his "burrow" before being caught.

The object of the "hound" is to catch the fox before he gets back to his burrow.

Each player has a chance to be the fox and the hound, whoever gets further around the board as the fox wins the game.

The Scoring of Fox Hunt Dart Rule
There really is no scoring needed. All that needs to be remembered is what number you're up to and after the roles are reversed, where the first fox finished.

The Play of Fox Hunt Dart Rule
Each player throws one dart at bullseye, closest to the bullseye is the fox and goes first.

The fox starts on 20 and must throw one dart in order into the double-20 and the single-20 to advance. The double twenty is the thin outer ring and the single is either of the large wedges. After the 20 is completed, the fox continues counter-clockwise around the board first hitting the double then the single of each number. After three darts are thrown, the hound then gets a chance to try to catch the fox.

The hound starts on 18 and must throw one dart into the double-18 to advance. After the double-18 is hit, the hound progresses counter-clockwise throwing one dart into each doulbe in order. After three darts are thrown, the play goes back to the fox.

If the fox makes it all the way around the board back to the double-20 (no single needs to be thrown when the fox returns to the 20) the round is over. If the hound hits the double of the number the fox is on (it does not matter if the fox in on the double or the single) the hound has captured the fox and the round is over.

In fox hunt rules, wherever the fox was when the round ended is remembered or marked on the scoreboard and the roles of the fox and hound are reversed. The new fox must try to get further around the board than the first fox did. If both foxes make it home the game is a tie and may be played again to determine a winner.

Strategy of Fox Hunt Dart Rule
When your the fox, don't get caught. When your the hound, catch the fox.