Call Three Dart Rule

This is an excellent practice game to really sharpen your accuracy around the board. It may be played by any number of players or teams.

The Object of Call Three Dart Rule
The object is to have the highest score after 10 rounds of play.

The Scoring of Call Three Dart Rule
The players names are written across the top of the score board in order. Playing order is determined by a throw at bullseye, closest dart plays first. The numbers 1 through 10 are written down the center of the board to indicate the 10 rounds of play.

The Play: The first player goes to the line and the player who is to throw next calls off three numbers for the first player to hit. Any three numbers may be used, 1-20 and bullseyes.

Under call three rules, the first player now throws ONE dart at each of the three numbers in the order called out. Only darts that land in the called out numbers count and they only count in the proper order. The thin outer "doubles" ring counts as 2 points, the thin inner "triples" ring counts as 3 points and the remaining area of the number count as 1 point. If bullseyes are used, the outer bullseye counts as 2 points and the inner bullseye counts as three points.

The total that was hit is written next to the round-number and play continues on to the next player. In call three rules, after all ten rounds are played, the player with the highest total score wins.

The Strategy of Call Three Dart Rule
This game has no stategy, it is a game of accuracy. If you play on a dart team with your opponent(s), you should try to stick to numbers that give them trouble during league games.