Tungsten Barrel Types

As a big manufacturer of tungsten barrel, we offer various tungsten barrel types to many dart manufacturers worldwide. Some listed below.

Generally speaking, tungsten barrels are always made of tungsten heavy alloy, 80~95%W with binders (Ni, Cu, Fe) of various composition.

Meanwhile, we also supply tungsten barrel types lower than 80% by weight, and the binder would be copper only. However, such tungsten barrel would be finished with copper-looking rather than tungsten-looking.

Any interest to tungsten barrel types listed, please pick out the type number and forward to us with your inquiry details.

Your inquiry of specific designs will be welcomed also, and your unique drawings with order details are requested. 


tungsten barrel01

  TYPE: CTP-D-K002

tungsten barrel02

  TYPE: CTP-D-003

tungsten barrel03

  TYPE: CTP-D-K004

tungsten barrel04

  TYPE: CTP-D-005

tungsten barrel05

  TYPE: CTP-D-K006

tungsten barrel06

  TYPE: CTP-D-K007

tungsten barrel07

  TYPE: CTP-D-008

tungsten barrel08


tungsten barrel09

tungsten barrel09

  TYPE: CTP-D-K010

tungsten barrel10

tungsten barrel10

  TYPE: CTP-D-011

tungsten barrel11

tungsten barrel11

  TYPE: CTP-D-K012

tungsten barrel12

tungsten barrel12

  TYPE: CTP-D-K013

tungsten barrel 13

tungsten barrel13

  TYPE: CTP-D-K014

tungsten barrel14

tungsten barrel14

  TYPE: CTP-D-015

tungsten barrel15

tungsten barrel15

  TYPE: CTP-D-016

tungsten barrel16


 TYPE: CTP-D-017

tungsten barrel17

  TYPE: CTP-D-018

tungsten barrel18

  TYPE: CTP-D-019

tungsten barrel19

  TYPE: CTP-D-020

tungsten barrel20

  TYPE: CTP-D-K021

tungsten barrel 21

  TYPE: CTP-D-022

tungsten barrel22

  TYPE: CTP-D-K023

tungsten barrel23

  TYPE: CTP-D-024

tungsten barrel24


  TYPE: CTP-D-025

tungsten barrel 25

  TYPE: CTP-D-026

tungsten barrel 26

  TYPE: CTP-D-027

tungsten barrel27

  TYPE: CTP-D-K028

tungsten barrel28

 TYPE: CTP-D-029

tungsten barrel17

  TYPE: CTP-D-K030

  TYPE: CTP-D-K031

  TYPE: CTP-D-K032

  TYPE: CTP-D-K033

tungsten barrel33

  TYPE: CTP-D-K034

    tungsten barrel34

  TYPE: CTP-D-K035

     tungsten barrel35

  TYPE: CTP-D-036

    tungsten barrel36


  TYPE: CTP-D-037

tungsten barrel 37

  TYPE: CTP-D-038

  TYPE: CTP-D-K039

   tungsten barrel 39

  TYPE: CTP-D-K040

      tungsten barrel40


tungsten barrel41

  TYPE: CTP-D-K042

  TYPE: CTP-D-K043

tungsten barrel43

  TYPE: CTP-D-K044

tungsten barrel44

  TYPE: CTP-D-045

  TYPE: CTP-D-K046

tungsten barrel46

  TYPE: CTP-D-047

tungsten barrel47

  TYPE: CTP-D-K048

tungsten barrel48


  TYPE: CTP-D-K049

  TYPE: CTP-D-K050

darts barrel


soft tip dart barrel

  TYPE: CTP-D-K052

dart barrel

  TYPE: CTP-D-K053

dart barrels

  TYPE: CTP-D-K054

dart barrel

  TYPE: CTP-D-055

tungsten dart barrel

  TYPE: CTP-D-K056

tungsten darts

  TYPE: CTP-D-057

softtip darts

  TYPE: CTP-D-K058



  TYPE: CTP-D-K059

darts barrel

  TYPE: CTP-D-K060

dart barrel