Golf Dart Rule

Golf rules is a game that may be played with as many players as desired. It is also a very quick game, limited to only 3 "shots" per "hole". Games may be played with 9 or 18 holes. A 9 hole game with 2 players can be played in 5 minutes or less.

The Object of Golf Dart Rule
Like real golf, the object of golf rules is to complete each hole in as few shots as possible. The player with the lowest score at the end of 9 or 18 holes wins.

The Scoring of Golf Dart Rule
Under golf rules, players names are written across the top of the board in order. Order in golf rules is usually determined by throwing one dart each for the bullseye with the closest playing first. This is a game that playing order makes no difference, all players have an equal number of throws to complete the game.

The agreed upon number of holes to play in golf rules is written in order down the left side of the board (1 through 9 or 1 through 18). A running total is kept for each hole played and written next to the number of the hole in the column for that player.

The thin outer "doubles" ring counts as a hole in one. The thin inner "triples" ring counts as 2 strokes. The thin wedge between the bullseye and the triples ring counts as 3 strokes. The thick wedge between the doubles and triples ring counts as 4 strokes. Missing the number entirely counts a 5 strokes. 5 is the worst score you can score on any one hole.

The Play: under golf rules the first player begins the first hole by throwing for 1's. The player may choose to throw one, two or all three darts for the hole. However many darts are thrown. The LAST dart thrown is the one that counts. For example, the player throws the first dart into the thin wedge of the 1 for a score of 3. Un-satisfied with this score, he throws the remaining two darts at the triple and misses the ones entirely. Under golf rules, his score for is now 5 for the hole, he may not choose to count the first dart because he continued throwing. If he had been satisfied with the first dart, he may have kept the score of three and not thrown the remaining two darts.

The remaining players play through the first hole in order. When play returns to the first player, the second hole is played and 2 is the target number. The game countinues as such until all 9 or 18 holes have been played.

Strategy of Golf Dart Rule
There isn't much strategy of golf rules to this game.