Darts Manufacture

The game of darts dates back to the Middle Ages when English soldiers looking for some fun began pitching arrows at the bottom of an empty barrel. When winter came the soldiers moved their game in doors but they couldn't throw big arrows around inside so they used shortened versions and the game was on.

With these little missiles you can give this game your best shot. They start by making the flight shaft that's the part that the darts wings are attached to. The load 3 m long alumina rods into the machine that has several cutting tools, the tools work from many angles on one alumina rod at a time.

They shape the rods into dozens of shafts, the tools cut threads and hollow at one end of each shaft to allow it to be screwed onto the dart barrel later. A cross saw cuts slots in the other end for attaching be wings. Oil flushes away the shavings and it also keeps the tooling cool so it stays sharp enough to cut through metal. The completed shafts fall into a bin to await further assembly, next they load brass rods into a similar machine it tooling carves the brass rods into barrels of that's the main part of the Dart that you grip. They and taper one end to allow the shaft to be screwed onto it, be tapering also makes the dart aerodynamic.

Next tools with angled grooves cut ridges on the outside of the barrel to make the dart easier to grip, the process is called knurling. Another tool then cuts the brass barrel to the correct length. They also make dart barrels from tungsten which is quite dense so the barrels to be cut slimmer, slimmer darts can give you a scoring advantage in tight scoring situations. Its why professionals often prefer tungsten darts and have them custom made even choosing their own knurl grip. These are knurling wheels it's another way to etch the grip pattern into the dart barrel. Knurling wheels come in an assortment of patterns all designed to help you keep a grip on your game. And now production takes a very sharp turn, they force a pointed steel tip into the hollowed end of the dart barrel using a hydraulic press. With the point now snugly in the barrel this dart is ready for its wings.

They are made for polyester film which first aligns through printing rollers, some print jobs just involve one basic colour while others layer many colours to build up a design. In the world of darts the wings are known as flights. A machine cuts out the flight shapes and they accumulate in big piles, flights are made in various shapes this is just one. They fold the cut outs together to make a flight, they check each one for symmetry because an out of proportioned flight could effect the outcome of a game. Now its? Time to screw the shaft to the barrel of the dart they slide the polyester flights into cross slots on the end of the shaft. And this set of darts is now ready for its target market.

It takes less than a minute just to make a dart not long when you consider a good set of darts will provide you with an infinite amount of entertainment.

We appreciate very much to receive your particular designs, and always try all out to meet any specific requirement. The motto for our company is that, there never be minimum order, but any one could bring to us the most potential buyer.