Futbol Dart Game Rule

Futbol dart game rule is a kind of an odd game that really sharpens your ability to hit bullseyes. This game can be played with 2 players or 2 teams.

The Object of Futbol Dart Game Rule
To score at least the same number of points faster than your opponent was able to.

The Scoring of Futbol Dart Game Rule
Four tallies are marked each side of the board to represent the four "downs" that the offense posseses the ball. The players names are written at the top of each column.

The Play of Futbol Dart Game Rule
Both players throw one dart at bullseye, closest to the bull throws first and has the option of "receiving the ball". If the player "receives" he will play offense first and try to score points. If the player chooses not to receive he will play defense and try to stop the other player from scoring too many points.

The offensive player throws first and tries to score as high a score as possible with three darts. The thin outer ring is the "double" and counts as two time the number scored. The thin inner ring is the "triple" and counts as three times the number scored. Scores less than 41 with three darts do not count. Any score 41 or greater is added to the offensive player's score.

Next, the defensive player throws three darts at bullseye. Any darts that hit the bullseye remove one down each (two if it is a double bullseye). Erase one tally from the offensive player's side for each bullseye the defense scored.

Play continues alternating players until the defense has remove all four downs from the offensive player. Once all four downs are removed, "posession of the ball" is turned over to the original defensive player. The offensive player now plays defense and the defensive player now plays offense.

The goal of the new offensive player is to score more points than the original offensive player scored.

Strategy of Futbol Dart Game Rule
There really is no strategy to this game, it's really just a game of accuracy. The only hint I can offer is that misses around the 19 score more than misses around the 20.