Road Rally Dart Rule

This is a very unique game based on an auto race. A lot of imagination is used in "laying out a course". It may be played by any number of players.

The Object of Road Rally Dart Rule
The object of the game is to hit each section of board included in the "course" and be the first to "cross the finish line".

The Scoring of Road Rally Dart Rule
One dart is thrown by each player and the closest to the bullseye throws first. The players names are written in order across the top of the board and the agreed upon course is written down the center of the board.

The "agreed upon course" is where the imagination aspect of the game comes in to play. Players must pick target sections of the board to be the "course" and the "obstacles". The obstacles are oil slicks, car wrecks, hair-pin turns, etc. All the obstacles must be hit with two darts in order to pass them, while the regular sections of course must be hit only once. All elements of the course are specific: the double, the triple, the small wedge, the large wedge are all considered different sections. Only the precise section of the board listed counts and the course must be played in strict order. I usually let each player name 2 or 3 course elements plus one obstacle. This way everyone has a chance to include their favorite numbers.

The Play of Road Rally Dart Rule
Each player takes turns going through the course as describe above.

After all the obstacles have been completed, the finish line must be crossed. The finish line consists of 2 bullseyes. Either two single bulls may be hit or one double.

Strategy of Road Rally Dart Rule
The only strategy is in how you choose the course. Try to set an obstacle that is a hard number to hit that you have practiced. Don't pick something common like double-16 or triple-20 that everyone is used to hitting.