Killer Dart Rule

Dart playing killer rules can be a pretty ruthless game but it can also be great fun among friends. Each player throws one dart with the "opposite" hand. "(e.g., right-handers throw left-handed) to determine randomly his or her own number." If a player misses the board or hits a number already taken, he or she throws again. Each player first tries to hit the double of his or her own number.When this is achieved, the player is known as a "killer" and a K is placed after"his name on the scoreboard."

Once you are a killer in dart playing killer rules, you then aim for the other players doubles. Each player has three lives and once your double has been hit three times you are out of the game; the last player standing wins. Be careful though, if you hit your own double after you have become a killer, you lose a life, so it is possible to kill yourself.

Strategies of Killer Dart Rule

The most important thing to do in dart playing killer rules is to become a killer as fast as possible, the earlier you become a killer the better your chances of winning. You also need to keep track of your opponents; you need to know who is gunning for you and who isn't a threat. You should take out other killers before worrying about those who are still trying to become one. The game can become ruthless when two or more players decide to gang up on someone, but remember it's just a game and have some fun.

Variations of Killer Dart Rule

Killer Straight Off. After the players determine their numbers everyone begins the game as a killer.
Killer With Triples. Played the same as conventional killer but the triple ring is used instead of the double ring.

Killer - Lose your Status. In this variation, if you hit your own double after becoming a killer, you lose your killer status and must hit your double again to reclaim it.