Tungsten Dart Barrels

Barrel forms the main part of dart. Nowadays, dart barrels made of tungsten are more and more popular all over the world, and we supply various tungsten dart barrels as per our clients’ specific sample or design.

Barrel shape

The barrel forms the main part of a dart. When we are speaking of "buying a (new) dart" we mean getting a new dart barrel. Nowadays barrels are available in almost every possible shape, with a wide selection of tungsten barrel knurl or rings on the surface for a comfortable and safe grip.

The main tungsten dart Barrels' Shapes are:

- cylinder
- ton
- torpedo                                         

Some Barrel Shapes. The selection to the left shows barrels with 2 threads (soft tip), to the right are fixed-tip steel tungsten dart barrels.

It's not possible to say which one is the "right" one. Based on a very theoretical reasoning the long cylindrical tungsten dart barrels could be the best of them because they are the slimmest and allows the tightest grouping. Good for 140s and 180s. But this reasoning doesn't help you when you are not able to handle tungsten dart barrels. Selecting the right shape is a matter of personal preference. Choose what feels comfortable for you. This is much more important than an abstract or "academic" reasoning about theoretical advantages or disadvantages of some shapes.

Barrel Material

Today's standard material is Nickel-Tungsten. Tungsten is a very dense material, so tungsten darts are with considerable weight can be made quite slim. The invention of tungsten dart barrels had a big impact on the sport. With the new dart barrels, it is possible to achieve much better grouping than before, and the averages in pro games have improved dramatically. It is not an overstatement when this development is referred to as "the tungsten revolution".

Before the tungsten revolution, dart barrels were mainly made of brass. Brass dart barrels are still used by some players because they are much cheaper than tungsten. But brass dart barrels are ancient technology now, so I can't recommend them.

Because of technical difficulties with manufacturing 100% tungsten darts are not available. All "tungsten" darts you can buy are in fact made of tungsten alloys, with Nickel-Tungsten being the most common one. When you buy a dart the amount of tungsten in the alloy is given by a percentage number. So a common "80% Tungsten" dart has 80 percent tungsten and 20 percent Nickel, Copper and/or Ferro. Tungsten darts are available from 80% to over 90%. The more tungsten the slimmer - and the more expensive - the tungsten darts are. If the high-percentage tungsten darts are worth the higher price is an open question. Personally I think that 80% tungsten dart barrels are good enough for almost everyone.

Remember: the only benefit from a high tungsten share is that the dart barrels can be made slimmer than a dart with the same weight and a lower tungsten share. In no way do higher tungsten percentages indicate some sort of overall better quality or better machining.

In recent years, a growing number of people has become allergic to Nickel. With Nickel-Tungsten darts being the standard equipment nowadays, these people will have problems with their darts. There are a few darts available with different tungsten alloys, such as silver tungsten or copper tungsten. However, these darts are very rare. The major dart manufacturers don't supply them. If you are allergic to Nickel you will probably have to look for these alternatives. 

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