Bristle Dartboards

Bristle Dartboards are usually made from sisal fibers or boar bristles, and they have the longest life, because the bristled construction allows the dartboards to be “self-healing,” in that when the dart is retrieved the fibers return to they’re original position, and only the tiniest hole is created. 

Paper Dartboards

Paper dartboards are made by tightly rolled paper, and some say that if you twist the dart as you retrieve it, that the paper dart board will last twice as long as any other.  Widdy Paper dartboards have inlaid steel dividers, which cause fewer bounced darts, and it has the 1920’s or so vintage look and appeal. Other paper dartboards exist by Unicorn  and Visicolor.  Paper dartboards are most often used as promotional products or themed items, like Over the hill etc.

paper dart board

electronic dart board

Electronic Dartboards

If you want something a little more high end try an electronic dartboards. The electronic dartboards keep score for you on LED scoring displays. They know up to 38 games, which are preprogrammed, and usually they accommodate up to 16 players at a time.

Magnetic Dartboards

Another safe alternative to traditional steel darts are magnetic dartboards. This indoor dart game is safer and more fun than any you'll find and as satisfying as real darts, with no danger of injury to players or wall. With super strong magnets, the blunt-end darts hit and stick tightly on the board. More like real darts than any other safety-tip dart game, ours comes with a 16.5" diameter board and six flexible plastic darts with magnetic ends. Dart colors may vary.

magnetic dart board

arcade dartboard

Arcade Dartboards

Arcade style dartboards come in their own free standing case that may include shelves for other games, pinball machine combo units, DVD players, anything that you can imagine. Typically the arcade dart board is electronic, in either an enclosed cabinet or an open one.  They usually stand between 75 inches and 85 inches tall.

Mini Dartboards

Mini dartboards are great for children and CEOs alike.  They usually have a small board, (mini, duh!) somewhere between 5 ½ inches square to about 7x8 inches or so.