Dartboard Lighting

"A good lighting system effective board should light evenly and remove any shadow of a dart could launch by the secondary illumination." - David King

To date, only a peaceful commercial lighting design to light a dart board that eliminates shadows. The dart lighting system is called "Light Circumluminator target, design in the United States.

The circumluminator is made of durable plastic, unbreakable by any dart hit. The unit can also be customized to advertise pub, club or team sponsor. Currently only available in the United States.

Firstly it is the best light by far for lighting a dart board. There is even the bright white light evenly over the board and completely eliminates the shadow dart. If I were to make any criticism it would be up to the cost and the poor finish on the product. Custom graphics are poor, inserts printed on paper (not clearly seen in any graphics on the website), and the target is rubber border of some pieces of high density foam bonded together with plastic wire tags, it looks bad and the price is expected to be as one piece surround a target. That said, if you have the dollars look no further this light will make the difference.

A basic configuration is a single point of light fixed to the wall, the ceiling of the dart booth. Lights and sets the board is more common in clubs, pubs and homes. If you opt for this accessory try using a high power lamp bulb 100w. Example of this can be seen on the left.

Configurations Tournament

Light darts tournament board is pretty standard, but could be better, here's an example. The illustration shows the light distribution, the focus is on the segment of twenty to determent of the rest of the board. This is standard practice, but it clearly shows the limitations of using a single light bulb board.

Another way to help reduce the shade, though, this does not completely eliminate the shadow is to have a focused light some points on the board of both sides is, left, right and center.
This can easily be achieved by using the strip of land commercially available light fittings as below:

The cross lighting reduces the strength of the shadow and makes it a better choice for lighting a single bulb.