Dartboard Height

The World Darts Federation governs the national organizing bodies of darts in all member nations, including the United States. The WDF sets the official dartboard height regulations and enforces those rules among its worldwide members.

Dartboard Height
1. The center of the bullseye should measure exactly five feet, eight inches from the floor. This would place the bullseye at eye level for a six-foot tall person. Hanging the dart board from the center of the back of it makes this measurement easier to achieve.

Board Dimensions
2. The dartboard measures 453.0 mm, plus or minus three mm. The diameter of the outside edge of the double ring measures 340.0 mm and the diameter of the outside edge of the treble ring measures 214.0 mm. The bullseye's diameter measures 12.7 mm; the 25-point ring around it measures 31.8 mm.

World Darts Federation
3. The WDF oversees more than 300,000 players from 67 nations; each of whom follow the dart board height guidelines. The WDF may change the official dartboard height for all competitions.