80&90 Tungsten Darts

Ultra dense tungsten alloy makes thinner darts for higher scoring and better control.90 tungsten darts and 80 tungsten darts gram weights vary (21, 23, 26 gram).

The majority of steel-point darts used by competitive players in league and tournament play are now made of 90% tungsten. Soft-tip darts are commonly made of 80% tungsten, which is cheaper, less dense, and less brittle. 80% tungsten soft-tip darts are prone to bounce out a lot, and electronic machines are often found in places with hard floors. The softer 80% tungsten darts are less likely to break when constantly falling such hard floors. As 90% tungsten steel-point dartsare more often played over carpeted areas, breakage is a little less of a problem.

The streamlined precision barrels of 90% Tungsten darts are machined into a naturally contoured shape. This gives the player a grip that is styled for maximum thrust, optimum control and precision in flight performance.

We could offer 90 tungsten darts and 80 tungsten darts according to our customer's design.