Diddle For Middle Dart Rule

This is a difficult game similar to x01. It is intended for two players of intermediate to advanced ability.

The Object of Diddle For Middle Dart Rule
To be the first to score exactly 501 beginning and ending with a double.

The Scoring of Diddle For Middle Dart Rule
Playing order is determined by a throw of one dart each at bullseye, closest to the bullseye goes first. The names are written in order at the top of the board with the number 501 in between. A vertical line divides the board into columns for each player.

The Play of Diddle For Middle Dart Rule
Each player must "double-in" before any score may count for the game. This means you must hit any double around the board and only the double and any darts thrown after the double count toward your score.

After the initial double is hit, the only areas the count for scoring are INSIDE (but not including) the thin inner "triples" ring. Any dart that hits a triple or outside does not count. Players aim at the bullseye and double-bullseye to try and score 25 or 50 points respectively with each dart. Any darts that land in the small inner wedge between the bullseye and the triples ring counts as the number hit. The score of the three darts is totaled and subtracted from the players current score.

When the player get's to 50 or below, the player must throw a double to end exactly on zero. For example, if the player has 38 points left, the player must throw a double-19 to win the game. If the player scores more than the number of points left it is called a "bust" and all darts thrown that round do not count; that is the score remains the same.

Strategy of Diddle For Middle Dart Rule
Try to always leave yourself on an even number so you can get your double-out easily. If you have an odd number you will have to throw an extra dart to get even before trying your double.