How to Grip a Dart

How to Grip a Dart?

First of all there isn’t a right or wrong grip to grip a dart. Grip a dart depends on two things - the type of dart barrel you use and the finger positioning that feels most natural to you. About grip a dart, everyone holds the dart slightly differently. However, there are four things you should understand before you decide which grip is best for your game.

Grip a Dart Step

Get your tip up. Always make sure the tip of your dart is facing up. Your grip shouldn’t cause your darts to face downward as this makes it very difficult to accurately throw a dart. Pay attention to where your darts are pointing just before you release the dart. If they are pointing slightly down adjust your grip so the darts point higher before your throw.

Grip a Dart-01

Holding the dart. Make sure your grip isn’t too loose or too tight. A good rule of thumb is to hold the dart as if it was a potato chip – too tight and you crack the chip, too loose and it falls out of your hand. Throwing great darts requires a great touch and that comes from a relaxed, yet firm grip.

Grip a Dart-02

Keep your free fingers open. You shouldn’t close your free fingers into your palm; instead let them remain in an open position that feels comfortable. By closing those free fingers you can develop a muscle strain in the other fingers creating a strained throw instead of a relaxed, fluid throw. You can also increase your chances of pushing the dart tip down, instead of keeping it pointing up.

Grip a Dart-03

Find the dart's center of gravity. Place your dart across the palm of your throwing hand and balance it between your thumb and your little finger to find the dart’s center of gravity. Next use your non-throwing hand to move the dart from your palm to your fingertips, keeping it in the same position. This should be your natural grip. Hold the dart in a way that feels comfortable however your grip should never touch the shaft or the flight.

Grip a Dart-04

The grip a dart key here is to experiment and try new things; the "natural" way when you first pick up a dart and throw it may be the best way, but you will never know if there is a superior method if you don't try.