Nickel Silver Darts

We have established ourselves as the technology leader in no bounce darts made up of nickel silver material.

The darts consist of nickel silver barrel with dimple tip point. It has color master shaft and can be adjusted in a slim case. It comes along with many extra dimple tips.

If you want to upgrade from the sets of darts that came with your electronic dartboard then this set of darts is perfect for you. The weight of the advanced level dart is available in seven weights from 20 to 26 grams. The barrels of the set of darts are made of durable nickel silver combination and color master shafts. The flights are reflective.

For a sharp dart player our range of nickel silver darts contains the super combination of ringed and knurled precision profile barrels. It also has pure and non tarnish nickel silver barrels.

The nickel silver darts available with us comes with Gripper shafts. It can be carried in a compact case. You can also get a spare set of XL+ shafts and flight protectors.

These superior nickel silver darts have durable nylon shafts and have holographic 3-D flights. Nickel silver darts have randomly assorted styles.

Comparing the three darts brass, nickel-silver and tungsten: Tungsten is very dense and heavy metal. In comparison to tungsten nickel silver is light metal and don’t last long. Tungsten is always mixed with nickel and you will see on the package written like 80-20 which means 80% tungsten and 20% nickel.

To make Nickel/Tungsten Darts tungsten particles are bound together with nickel. Tungsten are more dense than Brass or Nickel/Silver Darts. The diameter of tungsten barrels remains smaller so they form tighter possible groups on the dart board. Nickel silver darts are less durable than Tungsten darts.

We have made these darts with the finest design, materials and workmanship. We sell all dart sets with complete game instructions and warranty.