Australian Cricket Dart Rule

Australian Cricket Dart Rule
Australian cricket is a game playable by to individuals or teams. Australian cricket is played similar to one inning of Australian or British Cricket.

The Object of Australian Cricket Dart Rule
To score higher than your opponent after each has had a turn as "bowler" and "batsman".

The Scoring of Australian Cricket Dart Rule
The players' names are written at the top of the scoreboard and a vertical line is drawn dividing the scoreboard into two columns. The numbers one through nine are written vertically on each player's side to indicate the "wickets".

The Play of Australian Cricket Dart Rule
Each player throws one dart at bullseye, closest to the bullseye chooses to be the "bowler" or the "batsman" first.

The "batsman" always throws first. The batsman tries to score as many points as possible with the thin outer "doubles" ring counting as two times the number thrown and the thin inner "triples" ring counting as three times the number thrown. At the end of the throw, the three darts are totaled and 40 is subtracted. The remaining score is the batsman's score for that throw. If the batsman only threw 40 or under, the score is zero.

After the batsman throws, the "bowler" throws next. The bowler tries to bowl nine wickets as quickly as possible. To score a wicket, the bowler must hit the bullseye, the outer bullseye scores one wicket and the inner scores two. If the bowler throws a dart outside of the thin inner "triples" ring, points equivalent to the number the dart landed in are given to the batsman (without subracting 40).

Each time the bowler scores a wicket, one of the nine wickets is crossed off the bowler's side of the board. When all nine wickets have been crossed out, half the inning (the game, although, games may be played with more than one inning) is over, the players reverse roles and play begins again. Whoever has the higher score wins the game.

One last catch, if the batsman accidentally hits a bullseye, one wicket is scored for the bowler (two if it's a double bullseye).

Strategy of Australian Cricket Dart Rule
There isn't any.